EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – El Paso Port of Entry, working with Mexico, will increase operating hours at the Stanton Street SENTRI/DCL lane and the Bridge of Americas commercial cargo facility during the holiday season, Customs and Border Protection announced Tuesday, Nov. 22.

“The Stanton street SENTRI lane will open one hour earlier during the week and close one hour later during the weekend starting Nov  20 and continuing into the new year. Bridge of the Americas cargo hours are also being expanded by two hours,” CBP El Paso Port Director Ray Provencio said. “We believe this added level of service will better accommodate travelers and the trade community during this period of increased trade and travel.”

The Port of El Paso will increase operating hours during the holiday season from Nov, 20 through Jan. 7.

Here is a look at the expanded hours:

  • Expand operating hours at Stanton DCL by one hour from 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Expand operating hours at Stanton DCL by one hour from midnight until 1 a.m. Saturday through Monday.
  • Expand operating hours at the Bridge of the Americas commercial import facility by two hours from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. through Dec. 16. Hours may be expanded through Jan. 7, based on workload.

CBP officers are also anticipating an increase in travelers seeking I-94 entry documents during the upcoming holiday period. The agency is offering a few tips to streamline the process based upon current trends.

“Use of the CBP One application is highly encouraged for those in need of an I-94 travel document.  This applies to all travelers but especially those arriving on buses with plans to travel beyond the border region,” Provencio said. “They should strongly consider applying for their I-94 ahead of time with the CBP One mobile application to expedite their border crossing.”

CBP One is a mobile application that serves as a single portal to a variety of CBP services. Through a series of guided questions, the app will direct each type of user to the appropriate services based on their needs.

The I-94 Entry feature allows travelers to apply for a provisional I-94 prior to arriving at a land border crossing. Travelers who apply for their I-94 ahead of time will experience faster processing times to expedite entry. Travelers can also quickly access their current I-94 submission to view critical information such as, how long they can remain in the U.S., and use it for proof of visitor status once in the United States.

Travelers should download the free CBP One app on their web-enabled smart device.