El Paso House Democrats call on Governor Abbott to call an emergency legislative session


Local and State leaders called for action in what they believe can protect Texans from gun violence.

Local members of the House Democratic Caucus are joining dozens of other state democrats on demanding Governor Greg Abbott to call for an emergency legislative session to take on gun violence.

“The solutions to these problems aren’t going to be solved in those hours but the conversations about how we can start the lay the groundwork about how to get them done did start,” El Paso State Rep. Joe Moody said.

Six house democrats from El Paso called out Governor Abbott on Wednesday for an emergency session.

This follows the mass shootings in El Paso and Odessa/Midland that happened within less of one month.

“It is absolutely tragic that we suffered yet another shooting while we were having these conversations. I think it just points to the fact that we need action before January 2021,” Moody said.

Some of the conversations include taking action such as applying stronger background checks, consider the so called “red flag” laws, and look more into private gun sales.

“Let’s stop speculating about when this should be done. Let’s move forward, let’s orderly proceed on a bipartisan basis with our colleagues on both sides of the aisle to work on these issues that aren’t easy, we know that,” State Senator Jose Rodriguez added, “There’s disagreement, we know that. That’s part of the legislative process on all kinds of issues, not just gun issues.

The Chairman of the El Paso Republican Party Adolpho Tells agreed both parties do need to come together however both sides need to compromise, “Until they agree to do give and take, nothing is going to happen.”

Telles also said stripping guns away is not the answer either, “We need to look closer at how people get guns, I don’t argue with that. But eliminating guns or putting restrictions on ownership for the average citizen I think is inappropriate.”

After holding closed and public meetings over gun violence in the state, it’s just a matter of time for a response if there will be an emergency session.

“I will take him at his word that he wants solutions to this problem. For being in these meetings for several hours, the words I’ve heard out of his mouth have pointed towards that he wants solutions towards these problems, but they are complicated,” Moody said.

“The governor has already announced and put together a committee. Some of those members are on that committee, and they came back and commented on how positive things went in that discussion but again, now they want more,” Telles added, “They’re never going to be satisfied so something needs to happen but I don’t think an emergency session is the right answer.”

If the Governor Abbott does not call for an emergency session, legislative members will have to wait until 2021.

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