EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – As we anticipate temperatures to drop soon, many people will most likely be turning their heaters on to try and stay warm, and with that cold front to be expected, El Paso Electric is sharing some of their ways to ensure that the community will have power throughout the cold weather.

Last year, millions of Texans were left in the dark for days after winter storms triggered power outages but thanks to El Paso being part of the Western grid, people in the city were not affected.

“We have a very robust Winter Readiness Program, where we have a dedicated seasonal readiness coordinator, and this individual, is typically one of our plant managers, and coordinates with the rest of the power plants to make sure that we’ve completed all our Winter readiness activities,” says David Rodriguez, Vice President of Power Generation at El Paso Electric.

Back in 2011, El Paso was affected by a Texas freeze but over the years El Paso Electric has taken the necessary steps and measures towards their equipment/infrastructure to prevent that reoccurrence. So how does El Paso Electric prepare to ensure the community that they won’t be affected by any power outages?

“Installations, wind breaks, and heat tracings. Just making sure that our equipment is ready to operate when the Winter season comes,” David explains.

He further adds that the same steps taken to prepare for the colder months are the same steps taken to prepare for the summer. He expressed that El Paso Electric’s goal is to make sure that community members are safe and healthy, this means having warmer temperatures during the colder months and cooler temperatures during the hotter months.