EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The El Paso County has reported at least one threat with the anniversary of the August 3 shooting just two days away.

County Judge Ricardo Samaniego has confirmed that the courthouse has received a threat, although it remains open.

Some employees have been advised to work from home if it is possible for them. The Sheriffs’ office and El Paso Police Department have heightened their presence in the area, including the use of bomb-sniffing dogs to protect the building and the people in and around it.

“The building will remain open for essential workers and the public. The Sheriffs’ office has advised us not to overact to these complaints, but to take reasonable precautions”.

Samaniego says the person who made the threat on social media said they wanted to be in solidarity with the El Paso Walmart shooter.

Ricardo Samaniego – El Paso County Judge

“Being August 3rd and then the threat being connected to the Walmart shooter, he said he wanted to be in solidarity with him so that makes it a little difficult,” said Samaniego.

Adding that the families of the August Third victims were actually at the Courthouse on Monday after the threat was made for Commissioners Court.

“They’re going through a difficult time because things were quiet and then they start talking about the trial and then when you have what happened with the threat and he combined it with some solidarity with the shooter, that’s very painful that anybody would choose solidarity with a shooter,” said Samaniego.

KTSM 9 News asked the County Judge if the threat would impact County Courthouse operations throughout the week including trials.

“With the information that we have it wouldn’t warrant to make those kinds of decisions because we would have to like the schools today they received so many threats and I think it would just stop our ability to function.”

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