EL PASO, TEXAS (KTSM) – The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) has approved an application from the El Paso County for $4 million dollars for a watershed within the cities of Socorro, Horizon and El Paso.

The approved $4 million in financial assistance will consist of $2 million in financing and a $2 million grant. The City of Socorro experiences flooding approximately two to three times per year during storms. Uncontrolled flows, originating in the upper end of the “Stream 4” watershed and additional runoff from El Paso Hills, flood residences, and deposit sediment.

The El Paso Hills Detention Basin had previously alleviated some of the flooding and sedimentation issues, but its embankment appears to have failed during a 2004 storm and has not been repaired. El Paso County proposed to repair the embankment at the El Paso Hills Detention Basin and to construct a new detention basin for additional flood and sediment pool storage. 

“In recent years, El Paso’s monsoon season has showered a year’s worth of rain in just a matter of days, emphasizing the need for updated flood control, mitigation, and effective drainage projects throughout the city. This watershed will help protect 621 residents in the Special Hazard Area, of which there are 62 residential structures. This project is critical in promoting economic development and protecting our residents.” 

Senator César J. Blanco.

Supported by Senator Blanco in the 86th Texas Legislature and approved by voters through a constitutional amendment, the Flood Infrastructure Fund (FIF) was created to provide funding for flood mitigation projects. The purpose of the FIF, as outlined in Senate Bill 7, is to assist in financing drainage, flood mitigation, and flood control projects.  

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