As the battle over who gets to use what bathroom rages on in the state capital, El Paso County Commissioners are showing their support for the transgender community by declaring Friday, March 31st as ‘Transgender Visibility Day’.

Transgender rights advocates in the Borderland say it’s a day when communities from all over the world come together to raise awareness on many of the negative stereotypes they still face.

Local transgender women tell Newschannel 9 they hope through awareness and education; more El Pasoans grow to become more accepting of their identities.

“I was very closeted – and now it’s more open – where I can freely work as a professional, as a transgender woman,” said Claudia Delfin, who transitioned in 1986.

Delfin says she’s seen a lot of progress over the last three decades, but adds that there are still a lot of obstacles for El Paso’s trans community.

“I would like to see (the day) when a transgender person can easily get medical health insurance, or can get a job easily without being stigmatized,” Delfin said.

On Monday, El Paso County Commissioners signed a resolution to recognize the contributions of transgender Texans, such as Naomi Baldobino’s, who works at William Beaumont Army Medical Center.

“Not only am I the first transexual female to be noticed in there, I want to be noticed outside of my job, not just for what I do for my patients,” she adds.


Baldobino says she hopes to see the same kind of acceptance she now has at work in other areas of her life.


“When I first got to William Beaumont, I wasn’t liked, but now that I came out more, they’re like oh, my God she’s lovely, she’s a very sweet person,” said Baldobino.

The Borderland Rainbow Center, located at 2423 Silver Avenue, is having a free awareness event on Friday for ‘Transgender Visibility Day’ from 6 to 8pm.