El Paso City Council once again postpone proposal to censure Morgan for two weeks


At this meeting, some clashed over the City's 'Code of Conduct' agreement, and lack of action.

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — El Paso City Reps. are looking to once again discuss the proposal to censure Northeast City Rep. Sam Morgan in two weeks.

However, at this meeting, some clashed over the City’s ‘Code of Conduct’ agreement, and lack of action.

“We wanted to be complete with this and thorough with this, but we also wanted to make sure that due process did occur if there was an action that’s either in the court of law or if there was an action by the ethics commission,” Colonel Cary Westin, Senior Deputy Manager at City of El Paso explained, “Those kind of things should allow to go through the process we believe for a final determination.”

City staff presented its findings after doing some research on a clear censure process.

As we’ve told you, Morgan was arrested on a domestic violence accusation back on October 4th. The council first took up the idea of a censure on October 29th, then postponed it two months to let city staff research more on the process.

However, some on council expressed concerns that the City could open itself up to legal liability if the censure goes through. That’s if Morgan is ultimately and legally cleared of any wrongdoing.

Adding to that – none of the council members have signed their names on a Code of Conduct agreement which was approved in June.

“If that individual comes back say with an attorney, what is the liability rate for the city and for the representative,” City Rep. Henry Rivera said.

City Rep. Alexsandra Annello said staff sent the Code of Conduct document for City Reps. to sign one day before Tuesday’s meeting. City Rep. Peter Svarzbein also expressed his frustration over lack of action.

“What this council has seen, both here and executive session, is already members of this council violating the code of conduct, the behavior of elected officials, personal attacks onto other council members,” Svarzbein shared, “If this council doesn’t have the guts to actually go, see through, and recognize those violations made by council members or Mayor on that or act upon them, any code of conduct or any censure is for moot.”

Council went behind closed doors to discuss the proposed censure process and the Code of Conduct in executive session.

Once they came out, they voted 6-2 to postpone.

Reps. Annello and Hernandez against the postponement.

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