EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – El Paso Catholic Bishop Mark Seitz is asking parishes and members of the Catholic community to step up and help migrants who have been released out on the streets of El Paso.

Seitz, who is still in quarantine after testing positive for Covid and then suffering a rebound, sent a letter out asking for the local Catholic community to respond.

Border Patrol estimates they are seeing about 1,100 migrants a day since the beginning of September and the central processing center is over capacity.

More than 100 migrants were released Wednesday and 350 on Thursday out onto the streets of El Paso, according to Border Patrol.

“If each of us would just do something, these people would find the help they need,” Seitz wrote. “Please consider once again whether you can give shelter to at least a few of those in need. If that is not possible, can you make a call for volunteers and sign them up at Masses? Could you arrange for sandwiches be made and offered to those who will be spending the night on our streets? Are there other ways you and your community might be able to help?”

Seitz wrote that in 2019, the Borderland experienced a surge of more than 1,200 migrants a day and local parishes responded “to a call for help in very generous ways and we were able to assure that no one would be left on the streets.”

The pandemic has limited the availability of volunteers, Seitz wrote, but the “desperate need of these suffering brothers and sisters continues.”