EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — It’s been real El Paso.

Today was my last day as an employee at KTSM 9 News. I am also saying goodbye to El Chuco Inspirations, a series I am impeccably proud to have co-created.

The franchise was created between Johnny Munoz, KTSM 9 News chief photojournalist, and I in February. It started as an idea after working on a special report called “The Show Must Go On” which focused on highlighting local talent amid the pandemic.

After that, Johnny came up with the idea ‘Hey why don’t we continue this but do it in the form in series. A franchise.”

“And that kicked off the series El Chuco Inspirations,” Johnny added.

The name itself was established by utilizing ‘El Chuco’ because no other station had it and El Pasoans know it, we’re El Chuco. Johnny sparked that idea and was something that I believe really separated us from the rest.

“What better name than to have Chuco in there. To me, it just represents El Paso and El Pasoans themselves,” said Johnny.

As of October, we have accomplished about 17 stories for El Chuco Inspirations. Much of the feedback has always been positive and fueled us to keep the series going.

A lot of artists have thanked us for us giving them the opportunity to be featured, but really it’s them giving us the opportunity. They always say that loved it. They especially love the editing which is a huge part of this series. I think that’s what really puts all of our effort that we put into this and wraps it together so nicely.

“I’m more excited to work on a piece for the artists and about them than they are about us doing a piece on them,” Johnny shared.

Recently, El Chuco Inspirations received a 2021 Lone Star Emmy nomination under the arts and entertainment news category. It’s such an honor to have been nominated, and myself along with Johnny 100% had our heart and belief in it.

“The artists from El Paso allowed it to be nominated and it’s because of them that it was nominated,” Johnny added.

As I prepare for my next journey, I’m sad that I won’t be a part of El Chuco Inspirations anymore. But, I’m going to continue supporting it of course and the artists as well. I’m just very proud to have been a part of it, and wouldn’t of had it any other way.

As for the future of the franchise?

“El Chuco Inspirations lives on and it continues,” Johnny said. “Artists should be put out there and they should have the spotlight they deserve.”

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