Ysleta ISD students use ‘procedural texts’ to create slime


Many of us do it every day — read instructions, recipes, and other types of directions. But some local students are using such literature to learn while also having some fun.

KTSM was at Ysleta ISD’s East Point Elementary School while its third graders learned how to create slime using “procedural texts”.

“It’s a step-by-step thing that you have to read to complete your task,” student Jason Montoya explains. “You just read it, and you just follow all the directions, and it’ll be much easier to get it right the first time.”

Rather than having students sit at desks with papers and pencils, implementing procedural texts gives students a hands-on approach to learning.

“Instead of just reading it, we’re giving them different examples of different manuals, different recipes,” teacher Ruby Buendia said. “(Instead of) them just reading procedural texts, they actually get to participate and create something themselves.”

Procedural texts are listed on the Texas Education Agency’s list of standards for elementary English classes.

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