White water at Coronado High School going viral


Something in the water at one EPISD high school is making its rounds on social media.

Students at Coronado High School captured a video of cloudy water coming out of one of the water fountains. 

You don’t expect white water to come out especially when it’s supposed to be sanitary for you to drink, said Evelyn Portilla a Coronado High School student.

The video is getting attention on social media. The Coronado High School student who recorded it told KTSM it’s from the water fountain in the girl’s locker room.I think I’ve seen it once or twice, said Maxwell Hass.

KTSM asked students during their lunch break whether or not they’ve come across something like this at the school’s water fountains. 

It didn’t taste weird at first, but once I saw it I kind of tasted it differently, Hass said.

Students said they’ve seen colored water before in the fountains of the older parts of the campus.

It happened last summer during our band practices over the summer we were just finishing my practice and we were dehydrated and one in water and we were thirsty so we filled up my water bottle and it was white and it was so gross, Paola Lepe said.

KTSM sent the video to EPISD officials who later responded with the following statement: 

No reports of cloudy water from the water fountains have been made to Coronado High School or the El Paso Independent School District. The District has inspected all water fountains at the school and determined that all water is clear and taste has not been impacted.

The district also provided a link from the U.S. Geological Survey on the white water which according to the site, usually happens when it’s cold outside. 

I want everything to make me feel better water or think I’m drinking dirty water, Hass said.

EPISD says sometimes water can look cloudy or milky because of pressure which creates bubbles. They say it is completely harmless.

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