UT System Regents could vote on Heather Wilson’s appointment at UTEP next week


The UT System Board of Regents could vote on Air Force Sec. Heather Wilson’s appointment as UTEP’s next president during a meeting on Tuesday.

The meeting will happen at 8 a.m. April 2 in Austin. Board members who cannot make it are expected to call into the meeting.

Wilson’s potential appointment is one of the first items on the agenda for the board. 

On March 8, Wilson was named the sole finalist to replace Dr. Diana Natalicio. Since then she has been on a 21-day waiting period. 

Her reception has been mixed with some Democratic lawmakers and other members of the UTEP community questioning her past opinions and votes as a New Mexico Congresswoman. 

During her time in Congress, Wilson voted in favor of a federal constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, according to U.S. House records. 

Records show she also voted against a bill to protect LGBTQ people from employment discrimination and voted twice to exclude gay and transgender people from hate crimes protections. 

GLAAD has asked politicians to speak out against Wilson’s appointment and there have been protests held on the UTEP campus by students, faculty and teachers.

Other students and local Republican leaders have asked the public to give Wilson a chance and look at her record of success as a leader in both the education and government. 

Wilson has put in her resignation as the U.S. Air Force Secretary in anticipation of the official appointment as UTEP president. 

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