Southwest University partners with Apple to expand students’ technology skills

Southwest University has announced its partnership with Apple, granting students with top-quality skills for their success in the technology realm.
According to the Apple Development Executive team, Southwest University would be among the first universities in the nation to design a curriculum off of the app development program designed by the tech giant.
The university will launch an Associate’s degree in Web and Mobile Marketing Development.
Students enrolled in this program will gain knowledge in building an app utilizing Swift (Apple) technology as well as computer programming, online advertising, and marketing strategies.
The purpose of this program is to accommodate an education sector that has yet to be produced in the region.
The university even going a step further with its second program, helping students with general I.T. knowledge. 
“Technology is the future, and right now with both of these programs, if you’re in mass media marketing you’re needed, if you’re in general technology, you’re going to need cybersecurity,” said SW Academic Dean Jerry Burciaga.
The campus will be fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is currently taking enrollment for the new programs. 

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