Parents uneasy on first day of new school year


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The August 3 Walmart shooting have many El Pasoans on edge when it comes to public outings and that includes going back to school.

Parents at Bonham Elementary, just a mile away from the shooting, were lined up as early as an hour before school even let out on Monday afternoon. All were waiting to make sure their kids were back in their arms, safe and sound.

Last Saturday’s shooting happened just blocks away from the school, and while many may be concerned about sending their kids off to school so early after the incident, one parent said she felt more at ease once EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera sent an e-mail to ass parents, reassuring the safety of the students.

“I felt more relieved because I was afraid to bring her back. If I hadn’t would’ve received any message from or anything from the district I think I would’ve called the school and said ‘if you don’t mind I think I’ll bring another week,’ but it was a very good feeling knowing that my daughter will be safe,” Bonham parent Adriana Ruiz said.

Other parents said they spoke with their kids before sending them out the door on Monday, saying they hope if anything were to happen, their kids would follow the advice they’ve given them.

“It was so close to home you don’t know it’s gonna be next, you know. So we were definitely nervous, but as the day went through and it hit 3 o’clock and I didn’t get any phone calls I was definitely glad, you know, relief,” parent Lilian Andrews said.

Students at nearby Burges High School say their school regularly practices lockdown drills and they feel safe because they believe their community is truly safe.

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