NMSU looking to open campus in Mexico


New Mexico State University could soon be opening a campus in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

That potential move depends on a bill that is currently moving through the New Mexico Legislature. 

If it passes, NMSU officials say they hope it will create more opportunities for students and prepare them for a bigger market. 

“It will make our students more worldwide ready, more global, more ready for a global market,” said NMSU Dean of Agriculture Ronaldo Flores.

However, it’s not just for American students, it could also provide an education to students from other countries who want to earn a degree from an American university. Students from other countries who don’t have the resources. 

According to Flores, they wouldn’t have to go through the visa process and living in Mexico is much more affordable than in America.

“It’s not only Mexico, it’s the gateway to Latin America too because there are a lot of students that come to Mexico to just study in Mexico,” Flores said. “It facilitates for the language and everything.. and the culture.”  

Flores says it could also open doors and strengthen ties between New Mexico and Mexican companies. Creating connections and helping with economic development.

The classes will be taught in English. Flores says the two degrees that could be the most popular are agriculture and engineering.

The NMSU board of regents unanimously decided to consider opening the campus in Mexico back in March of 2018. If the bill is approved the university is expected to open in 2021.

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