Mountain View High School students learn about cyber security


The “Technology on Wheels” mobile data center rolled into Mountain View High School Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The data center is sponsored by Sequel Data Systems Incorporated, an information technology infrastructure and consulting firm.

The all-day tour included presentations to students on information technology, data systems and cyber security. Students were also briefed on different technology career pathways.

Mountain View Principal Robert Trejo jumped on the opportunity to bring in “Technology on Wheels” to expand students’ knowledge on the special programs they already have in place, such as their law enforcement and technology programs.

“Mountain View High School is the perfect place for this because we have a great law enforcement program and we have a great technology program so it gives the kids exposure on how you can combine both,” Trejo said.

Students participating in Mountain View’s Business Professionals of America organization said they were excited for the tour because they can use information to prepare for national competitions in data networks. 

The school counselors plan to provide students with information on universities that offer degree programs in cyber security and other technology fields. However, some students are looking forward to taking their skills to UTEP.

“I want to go to UTEP, I want to get a degree in computer information systems,” Mountain View student Micaela Flores said. “It also requires a lot of coding and I would have to take a lot of classes in cyber security too and I hope that this is like a new beginning for me.”

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