All El Paso students are back in school as YISD celebrates the first day


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Monday morning students in the Ysleta District headed back to school. They were the last district in El Paso to return to classes.

This year Ysleta students and parents can expect to see multiple completed bond project, including the newly constructed Mission Valley Elementary School as well as projects at Eastwood High School and the Ysleta Fine Arts Center.

Some of those projects include upgrades to security systems.

“Through the last bond, 2015, we implemented a lot of resources to up our security. We will continue doing that for the safety of our kids,” said Brenda Chacon the Associate Superintendent for Elementary.

Something new this school year is all-day pre-k at the Ysleta Pre-K Center. Which according to the districts helps kids get ahead and helps out parents.

“Nowadays the challenges of kids are different. It’s important that they are reading, that they have a nice mathematical background, it’s important that they are socially exposed,” said Brenda Chacon the Associate Superintendent for Elementary.

Now that all districts in El Paso are back in session the American Red Cross has some tips to help keep everyone safe.

  • Arrive at the bus stop early, stand away from the curb while waiting.
  • Teach your student to board the bus after it comes to a complete stop.
  • Kids should only board their bus, never an alternate one.
  • Teenagers remember do not text and drive and avoid eating and drinking while driving.
  • If children walk to school they should only cross the street at an intersection.
  • If children ride a bike they should wear a helmet and ride in the same direction of traffic.

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