Ducks at Las Cruces pond now have new homes

Thirty-eight domestic ducks left high and dry due to renovations at Young Park in Las Cruces now have homes, however they weren’t supposed to be at that pond in the first place.
“They were drop offs or abandoned animals. This is actually against the law. You’re not allowed to abandon an animal and even though you see ducks there at the pond, or in any place, you’re not allowed to take your animal and drop it off thinking that something else will be done,” Executive Director of Animal Services Center in Las Cruces Clinton Thacker told KTSM.
Thacker said the center’s doors are always open for taking animals in to care for them, but owners should be responsible enough to make that choice in the first place.
“That’s part of being an owner of an animal is ownership. There’s no excuse and no reason why any animal should ever be abandoned at any time and any place,” Thacker shared.
City and county residents as well as rescue organizations are now taking care of the ducks. The Animal Services Center said visitors at Young Park Pond should know future ducks aren’t part of the picture, “The center understands that they’re nice and fun to have and look at, but they will not be returning back to Young Park.”
The pond at Young Park will continue to be under renovation for the next month.

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