Dogs with exploded bones were found wandering in Dona Ana County. Just a few days ago, Ella, Billie and Stan, were found on a Mesquite property very badly injured.

“What we’ll have to do probably at this point as shattered as this is probably just amputate that lower part of the jaw,” says veterinarian James Koschmann. “Ella to amputate the one limb that’s got nerve damage, and the other one to just to reconstruct the jaw area a little bit.”

Tim George is the one who found the dogs. He says he had only seen the dogs in the area once before, which was back in February. George says he’s seen animal abuse in the area before but not abuse by gun shots.

The veterinarian says two of the three dogs had been shot at close range. Ella was left with a broken arm, and Billie with a fractured jaw. Both need surgeries that range well into the hundreds.

“Primarily we need to get to get these two dogs treated and we need donations to do that but we also need to stop the perpetrator. if they can do this to animals, what are they doing to humans?,” Carla Baker with Cherished k-9 All Breed Rescue in Las Cruces Says.

And George says that the problem of stray dogs is a problem that’s all too common in Dona Ana County.

“It just frustrates me that the situation is there, that’s really what it gets down to, kind of an ongoing thing, they are thrown away like trash,” George says.  

Doctor Koschmann says the animals are scheduled to be spayed and neutered next week. After that, he says that’s when he’ll operate on Billie and Ella.

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If you’re interested in fostering one of the dogs, you can contact Carla Baker at

Phone:     (575)-496-6085