Dog left with cuts, burns after visit to groomer


What was supposed to be a nice day of grooming for a dog, turned out to be a painful one instead. Dog owner Jessica Angerstein says that her husky Bear was badly cut and burned after she took him to get groomed at Glamour Pooch in East El Paso.  

“When I saw him later that night he was pink, and he was crying and whaling cause he was in a lot of pain,” says Angerstein.

She says her dog was cut, burned, and sore when she picked him up from the groomer.

“Dogs that are brought in with matted hair this happens… and I’m thinking wow how can this happen to these poor animals,” she says. Angerstein says Bear was in so much pain she had to take him to the vet. She says she also contacted the owner of Glamour Pooch immediately, and the owner looked into what happened.

“But because the dog had severe matting it developed what we call clipper burn, which is the result of matting and us having to shave it so close to the skin,” says Elizabeth Wondrash, owner of Glamour Pooch.

Wondrash says the dog had not been groomed in months which caused severe matting of Bear’s fur. “I paid her vet bill even though I didn’t feel I was responsible because I felt like it was neglect on the part of owner. had she brought in her dog on a timely basis that would have never happened to that poor dog,” Wondrash says.

Wondrash told News Channel 9 that clipper burn is very common, so we asked a few local groomers to weigh in.

“If the dog is really matted, you know from going over and over trying to get the hair the blade to go under the skin to the matt you know close to the skin to shave it then you know it can irritate the skin a bite,” says Pet Shop Owner Vicky Soto.

Soto says injuries like this can happen if the groomer doesn’t have experience.

“If then dog wiggles a lot then it could get cut, cause it’s a lot of wiggling somebody without the experience can just get frustrated and scared,” says Soto.

Angerstein just hopes that other dog owners take precaution when choosing where to groom their dogs.

“Just read, read up on places, before you even think of taking them there,” Angerstein concluded.  

Pet groomers we spoke with say that in general owners should take their dogs to the groomer monthly. They say this will prevent matting of the hair, which will make for an easier visit for the dog.

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