EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The man accused of stabbing and killing another man in Northeast El Paso had a dating relationship with the victim and they would “constantly break up and get back together,” according to court documents obtained by KTSM.

David Luna Mijares, 43, was arrested and charged with murder in the stabbing death of 46-year-old Juan Antonio Gonzalez-Garcia. The incident happened at about 5 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 24 along the 4100 block of Kaspar Way in the Logan Heights neighborhood of Northeast El Paso.

According to court documents, Mijares also waived his Miranda rights and admitted to police that he had grabbed a knife and stabbed the victim in the abdomen the morning that Gonzalez-Garcia died.

The suspect also told police that they had been out on a date to Juarez and had argued while in Mexico “over some of the music they were playing,” according to court documents.

Mijares also told police that they had gotten into physical altercations before.

Police were called out to the scene by Samuel Garcia, who told police that he was married to Gonzalez-Garcia. Samuel Garcia said that he, his husband and Mijares had been drinking beer that morning.

Garcia also said that he and Gonzalez-Garcia were in an “open marriage” and that the suspect and the victim had been dating for about a year. Garcia said he knew about their relationship.

At one point, Mijares tried to leave the home but was told not to leave, according to court documents.

Garcia said he was not sure what happened but assumed that the victim and the suspect ended up communicating via cell phone and Mijares returned to the house.

Garcia said he went to his bedroom, which was separate, and when he woke up, saw the suspect leaving the home in his car, according to court documents. He also found the victim lying on the kitchen floor with what appeared to be a stab wound.

Detectives were able to track Mijares to a Walmart in El Paso’s Lower Valley and he was asked to come to police headquarters and give a voluntary statement.

That is when Mijares told police about details about the night and morning leading up to the crime and that he had stabbed Gonzalez-Garcia.