EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A total of eight young individuals who were reportedly a part of a criminal street gang were allegedly involved in an assault that took place near Canutillo High School back in September, according to court documents obtained by KTSM.

According to court documents, Cristian Roberto Ramirez, 18, Fernando Barron, 17, Jorge Bejarano, 18, and Isaiah Olguin, 17, were charged with engaging in organized criminal activity after assaulting a male individual, identified as a juvenile, near Canutillo High School on Monday, Sept. 25.

Left to right: Fernando Barron, 17, Isaiah Olguin, 14, Jorge Bejarano, 18, Cristian Roberto Ramirez, 18.

The eight individuals were identified through screenshots which were obtained from the video, to have assaulted the male victim by punching, kicking, and striking him with rocks that were thrown at him, according to court documents.

Besides the named suspects the other four people that were involved in this alleged incident were either listed as juveniles or have not been formally charged yet.

The El Paso Police Department Gang Unit responded to Canutillo High School on Tuesday, Sept. 26, in reference to ongoing assaults at the school that involved the same people.

As an officer was investigating the ongoing situation, he was advised that an assault had taken place at the 6100 block of Strahan Road. The school administration displayed a video to the officer, which showed a male individual getting assaulted by multiple people.

The male victim told police that he was taken by his sister to the 6100 block of Strahan Road to “fist fight” an individual.

The victim told police that once he began fighting, he saw multiple people rush towards him and heard someone yell, “Jump him”.

Multiple people then began assaulting the male victim, including the initial person he was fighting with, according to court documents.

The victim also told police that he believed there was “approximately 30 people who were punching and kicking him,” according to court documents.

Ramirez, Barron, Bejarano and Olguin were booked and released during the last week of September on a $15,000 cash or surety bond.

Canutillo ISD has confirmed with KTSM that Olguin and Ramirez are students.