District 4 candidates talk Cohen Stadium


NewsChannel9 held it’s third Facebook Forum with the candidates running for District 4’s City Rep seat.

The district covers parts of North East El Paso and is currently represented by Carl Robinson, who has reached his term limit. The four candidates looking to fill Robinson’s seat are Shane Haggerty, Diana Ramos, Jose Plasencia, and Sam Morgan.

The topics ranged from gangs to Cohen Stadium.

 “I would like to see a water park or amphitheater, lets look at a major league sports team coming here or a soccer team,” said Haggerty.

Diana Ramos says she’d like to see those projects as well, funded through public private partnerships. “I want to make sure theres a permanent project, whether its a water park a sports complex, an event center,” said Ramos.

Jose Plasencia suggested the site be used for farmers or artisan markets.

“It would really give the north east a new positive image. I think it has been neglected for a long time,” said Plasencia.

Sam Morgan said he felt Cohen should be used as the location for the arena. “I don’t really see any significant right now,” said Morgan

Both Morgan and Plasencia agreed the arena should be built at Cohen, while Ramos and Haggerty said they believe it should be downtown.

You can watch the complete forum here.


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