Demonstrators show support for trans migrants in El Paso


Demonstrators from across the country said the death of transgender migrant woman brought them to rally

A group of people have met in El Paso to show solidarity for transgender migrants.

Some demonstrators from across the country said the death of a transgender migrant woman in El Paso brought them to protest at Edgemere Linear Park.

Earlier this month, 25-year-old Johana Medina, a trans migrant from El Salvador died in El Paso after being released from the Otero County Processing Center.

“We’re coming from all parts of the United States to stand in solidarity of migrant families but also to uplift the lives lost as it pertains to black trans women,” said Mariah Moore. She is a Transgender Law Center consultant.

Organizers of the rally said violence against transgender women continues to happen.

“So when we live in a society that doesn’t value transgender women, people in that culture are not going to act with love or treat trans women with dignity or respect,” said Adri Perez. Perez is an organizer of the Detained Migrants Solidarity Committee.

Organizers said while pride month is a cause for celebration violence that targeted LGBTQ people in 1969 at Stonewall is still killing LGBTQ people in prisons, detention centers, and fueling violence against them on the streets.

“When we are celebrating pride that we remember and honor the lives of the LGBTQ migrants who risk everything to come to this country and be able to live as who they truly are,” said Perez.

The group is also remembering two black transgender women who were killed in Dallas since last October.

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