Del Rio Migrant Crisis: The worst is yet to come says Rep. Pfluger


Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz sent a stern message Sunday to any and all migrants who are thinking of coming to the United States saying,

“Migrants attempting or considering making the journey to our border should know that we are still enforcing CDC Title 42 order, and that they will not be allowed to enter the United States. They will be removed, and they will be sent back to their country of origin as mandated under our current law. Our partners at the State Department are working to ensure that there is adequate support when they land in Haiti.”

Sept. 18, 2020: (Rep. Pfluger.)

Officials say they are working around the clock to handle the thousands of migrants that have packed underneath the bridge in Del Rio. Chief Ortiz said that more than 3,300 of the nearly 15,000 migrants have already been shipped out of the area.

“U.S. Border Patrol is coordinating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Coast Guard to move individuals from Del Rio to other processing locations,” Ortiz said, “Over the last two days, we have moved approximately 3,300 individuals. We expect that number to increase in the days ahead. We are working with source and transit countries to accept migrants who previously resided in those countries. DHS is also working to accelerate and increase the frequency and capacity of Title 42 flights to expel individuals to Haiti and other countries of origin.”

(Rep. Pfluger)

At least three flights took Hatian migrants back to their home country Sunday with that number expected to reach 6 flights per day very soon.

Officials say they are also transporting migrants to different processing centers including right here in el paso.

“We are bringing additional resources to assist with security, migrant care, transportation and processing. We are providing food, water, portable toilets, towels. Emergency medical technicians are available for first aid. If someone needs medical care beyond what our EMTs can provide, we’re working with the local medical facilities for additional care. We are working around the clock to expeditiously move migrants out of the heat elements and from underneath this bridge to our processing facilities in order to quickly process and remove individuals from the United States consistent with our laws and our policies.”

(Rep. Pfluger)

Earlier Sunday afternoon state troopers attempted to close a portion of the Texas border by parking their vehicles on the banks of the Rio Grande hoping to stop migrants from crossing the river, however, according to reports the migrants found other ways to cross nearby.

Congressman August Pfluger R-Texas, who was in Del Rio over the weekend said that the crisis is far from over, “Speaking to Border Patrol agents, the worst is yet to come, they’re worried about what is behind here, they’re worried about co-ordination with Mexico,”

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