Their life on the road embraces America’s favorite past time.

Originally from San Jose, California John and Vicki Hoppin have made a home plate at over 160 different ballparks their home. 

“I always wanted to do full-time RV around the country that I live in. I just wanted to see our country and John wanted nothing to do with that so I said well what if we do baseball,” Vicki Hoppin said.

The direction of their road trip in no particular order. Only where life takes them, “We had a wedding in the family so we needed to go that direction. My wife was involved with an organization and she needed to be in meetings certain tome of the year so we drove that direction,” John Hoppin said.

So far the couple has visited ballparks across the U.S. and Canada staying at least for two games each visit.

“We came in as strangers and by the third day, we knew everybody in the stadiums. They were high-fiving us. They were wishing us well on the road. That’s really what we found, the magic of the minor league community,” Vicki Hoppin said.

Two published books, Ballpark 2 Ballpark: Journey Through the Minor Leagues (Volume 1 and 2), showcasing how each ballpark sets itself apart.

Southwest University Park is one of their favorites, “The view here, the amenities, the sense of community, the intimacy of the park. Being a Downtown park, they had a small footprint to build it in and they did a great job with the footprint,” John Hippin said.

All for the love of the game and the experience that comes with it.