EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Controversial Proposition K, also known as the Climate Charter, was defeated soundly, according to unofficial final voting results released overnight by the El Paso County Elections Department.

More than 81 percent of El Paso voters said “No” to the controversial measure, handing it a 60 percentage point defeat.

The Climate Charter had 81.57 percent of the voters (40,680) vote against it. Just 9,190 voters were in favor (18.43 percent).

This ballot measure had received a lot of attention heading into the early voting period.

Supporters said the initiative would put El Paso at the forefront of the battle against climate change.

Opponents, including a vocal business community, said Proposition K would gut the economy, cut jobs and raise taxes.

Voters in El Paso also had 10 other proposed charter amendments to sort through and decide on during this election.

Proposition I would require that the City of El Paso to contribute no less than 18 percent of the amount spent on police and firefighter wages into the pension funds for both groups.

Prop. 1 had 59.12 percent of the voters in favor (28,486), while 40.88 percent were against (19,698)

According to the El Paso County Elections Department, 53,212 people voted in the Borderland. That represents 11.69 percent of all registered voters.

Click here for unofficial final voting results.