Community input requested for Wyler Aerial Tramway Project


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – It has been nine months since the Wyler Aerial Tramway carried anyone to the top of the Franklin Mountains, but that may change one day.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is performing a study on the Tramway that was closed last September. Now, they want to hear from the community about ideas and suggestions.

The tramway carried people up to the top Franklin Mountains and is the only public tramway in Texas. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the tramway is 60 years old and others like it only last about 30 years.

After the tramway was said to be unsafe it was closed to the public in September of 2018.

“Texas Parks and Wildlife is doing a feasibility study and trying to figure out what it will take to put in a new tramway,” said Eric Pearson the President of El Paso Community Foundation. “That’s really important to talk about because we’re not going to try and fix the old one, it’s just outlived its useful life.”

There is $5 million in funds from the State Legislature for a new tramway. The El Paso Community Foundation will hold a community meeting on Wednesday for the community to have a chance to share their opinions on what should be done for the new tramway.

“What would you do if money was no object, or if we had no money at all. What kind of a tramway would we build? What we’re asking for is ideas and I think when you get people together and they’re able to share ideas and play off of each other’s ideas you end up with a better product,” said Pearson.

The Tramway was originally designed to provide maintenance access for television transmission towers in the Franklins and was donated to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in 1997.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the El Paso Community Foundation’s office, 333 North Oregon St., El Paso, TX, 79901. If you are unable to attend you can also take part in an online survey at

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