EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The City of El Paso Department of Economic and International Development has launched an interactive data tool that provides a high-level, comprehensive snapshot of El Paso’s past and present economy.

The Economic Snapshot, provides the public with access to timely data on key indicators including such as El Paso’s: demographics; industry trends; education; quality of life; and migration.

“The department managed data on an ad hoc basis. Now the Economic Snapshot centers data on key metrics and conducts real time updates,” said Economic Development Director Elizabeth Triggs. “This tool places our communities’ economic opportunities and challenges on the forefront, enabling conversations about system coordination, cross-sector understanding and collaboration.”

The Economic Snapshot provides a host of information to guide economic and social policy decisions impacting the City. The tool equips potential investors with data on El Paso’s strategic position in the Borderplex region, its industry competitiveness, quality of life, among other areas.

The Snapshot dashboard includes a feature to engage the public by providing their input via SurveyMonkey as a way to continually adapt the dashboard in response to user needs.

For more information or access the Economic Snapshot visit ElPasoTexas.gov under the Economic Development Economic Snapshot tab.