EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The City of El Paso is reopening a street in the Duranguito area and is taking preliminary steps to sell property in the neighborhood that was once the proposed site for a controversial Downtown arena project.

That’s according to a statement sent to KTSM from the City.

Diagram of the Duranguito neighborhood — courtesy of the City of El Paso

In August, City Council directed City staff to accept a settlement agreement with local historian Max Grossman, who led the effort in opposing the proposed Duranguito arena site.

After the lawsuit was dismissed on Sept. 1, the City agreed to reopen the portion of Chihuahua Street that was closed as part of the anticipated arena project.

On Oct. 24, contractors and City Staff began installing new fence to allow for the reopening of the street. Structures within the former project footprint will continue to be fenced off “as a public health and safety precaution,” the City said in a statement.

On Oct. 10, City Council directed staff to begin soliciting and entertaining letters from interested buyers for the purchase of properties located in Union Plaza area that was once earmarked as the site for a future arena.

The City owns 18 properties in the area, acquired as part of the Downtown arena project.

The City spent $13.2 million buying the properties in the area, according to a statement sent out by the City.

The City is having all the property reappraised, the statement read.

“Updated appraisals are needed to determine the properties’ fair market value for today’s real estate market,” the statement added.