UPDATE: The City Council voted on Tuesday, April 25, to approve a resolution that directs the city manager to implement a program to provide free menstrual products at all City of El Paso facilities. The item was introduced by City Rep. Alexsandra Annello with support from Reps. Isabel Salcido and Chris Canales.

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The El Paso City Council will vote Tuesday, April 25 on whether to implement a city program that would provide free menstrual products in all city facilities. It would include products like tampons, pads and menstrual cups readily available for those who are in need of them.

City Rep. Alexsandra Annello, District 2, was the one who presented this items to council. She is backed by fellow Reps. Isabel Salcido, District 5, and Chris Canales, District 8.

After seeing free menstrual products offered at the Dallas Love Field airport, Annello believed that El Paso could benefit by offering these essential items too.

“There are individuals that may not use a women’s restroom that does need menstrual products so making sure those are available — if at a library, behind the desk at a rec center, behind the desk so people can feel comfortable asking for things when they need them,” Annello said.

In order to fund this program, Annello is proposing for this resolution to be included in the budget for next year.

“The cost would be very minimal because we already supply sanitary items in our restrooms as it is,” Annello said.

Accord to the National Organization for Women, people are spending over $20 on menstrual products every cycle. This especially impacts families and individuals who fall below the poverty line.

If approved, Annello wants this program to allow those who do need menstrual products to feel comfortable in city facilities if they are in need.

“It’s to also recognize that we know that this is a need for individuals who come to a city facility. Whether they’re with their children or they’re with their adult families, they should be comfortable to know that they shouldn’t be ashamed about what’s happening to them and we have what they need available,” Annello said.