Carjacking Vigilantes


Most people who are unlucky enough to experience a carjacking would be happy to get away unscathed.

However, Albuquerque, New Mexico Police says two carjacking victims decided to take revenge.

Just one day after Juan Saavedra, 37, and Christal Holliday, 23, reported being victims of a carjacking, APD says they tracked down the suspect themselves and kidnapped him.

After allegedly taking the teen from a 7-11 off of Carlisle Boulevard and Candelaria Road NE they went to Los Lunas to “punish” him. Then, they let him go.

According to the criminal complaint, there was little the pair didn’t do to hurt him.

The teen told police Saavedra and Holliday “first shot him in the ear at the 7-11 parking lot,” then “tied up his wrists and ankles.”

He said he was “tazed about 50 times” and thrown in a dirt hole “about 5 feet deep.”

Saavedra and Holliday were arrested Thursday night and appeared before a judge Friday.

Given the severity of the alleged crime, Judge Sharon Walton ordered they both be held on $50,000 bonds, cash or surety.

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