LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A central valley home had unwelcome backyard visitors Tuesday afternoon when a car crashed into its swimming pool.

The crashed car was removed from the empty pool hours after the crash on Tuesday, April 25. 2023. (Credit: Bradley Thacker)

Residents who spoke to 8 News Now said two suspects fled the scene after plowing through a backyard wall in the 3200 block of Robin Circle, near Harmon Avenue and Pecos Road.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police is investigating the crash and said officers responded to the call around 1:32 p.m.

As of Wednesday afternoon, no arrests had been made.

The crashed car was removed from the empty pool hours after the crash on Tuesday. (Credit: Bradley Thacker)

Danielle Biller, who lives two doors down, said she saw two teenager-appearing boys running away after the crash.

“I was sitting in the backyard. I heard a big screech and then a big boof,” Biller said outside her home Tuesday morning. “I saw one of them was limping, so I said to him, ‘Are you OK?’ But he ignored me, and then he just kept running down toward Pecos.”

The crashed car was removed from the empty pool on Tuesday. Sandra Thompson shared this video with 8 News Now.

The home belongs to Thompson’s dad. She said she is house-sitting for him while he’s traveling abroad and received the call about the incident while in class on Tuesday.

“(The passengers) weren’t wearing a seatbelt, so they did go into the windshield because there was blood all in there,” Thompson said Tuesday morning while detailing what she saw when she arrived at the house.

While her father travels the country, she’s putting the pieces back together.

“(I was) just worried about how my dad is going to react to it, because he’s got heart problems and, like, I don’t want him to get too anxious. Especially overseas, I’m worried about his health,” Thompson said. “We’re obviously worried about people going into the backyard now because it’s just wide open, and breaking in that way.”

LVMPD did not comment on the potential of the car being stolen, as neighbors suspect. No injuries were reported.

With holes in the wall and car remnants in the empty pool, family, neighbors, and police are left questioning, ‘What now?’

“Damaging people’s property, they have to take care of that and maybe not be financially able to,” Thompson said when asked what she wanted the public to take away from her story.

Thompson’s boyfriend created a gofundme fundraiser to help cover the costs of rebuilding.