Canutillo ISD resolution focusing on low-income students has parents and state officials worried

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“In the future my son may need to go to school and may not have money and be a low income student,” Louie Morales says he was born and raised in Canutillo and worries his young son, who is about to start school, will not be treated fairly after a new resolution brought forth by Canutillo ISD at Wednesdays board meeting.

“Not all our people are able to eat like others eat you know,” said Morales.

If passed it would be sent to the state, opposing any new multi-family low income developments that would get tax credits and subsidies. Morales worries the district is becoming more worried about money than education…

“The idea this is being discussed is shameful,” state board of education representative Georgina Perez serves the Canutillo district and voiced her concerns about the resolution at Wednesday’s meeting.
She feels the wording is insulting and the district is focused on the wrong issue…

“What’s at the heart of this is the state of Texas continues to inadequately fund education,” said Perez.

She says the proposed resolution is misguided. The district does agree that the main issue is the way the state funds the district but says no one should be afraid of the resolution and that they will educate everyone equally.

“Certain words were used that were not picked correctly that do not match our mission,” District spokesperson Liza Rodriguez says the resolution is very preliminary and there will likely be many changes.

“Feedback is going to be received by the board members perhaps another version will come out,” said Rodriguez.

Passed or not representative Perez says damage has already been done.

“The resolution sends a message that you are not welcome in our community and that exactly what the resolution states,” said Perez.


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