Five tips about returning your holiday gift


If you plan on returning a holiday gift, you’re not alone.

The next two weeks are the busiest time for returns in stores.

According to the Better Business Bureau in 2017, 28 percent of people returned a holiday gift with clothing at the top of that list.

During the holiday the bureau said there will be return fraud so some stores will put extra security measures on returns at their stores.

Here are five tips to help make your returns easier for you and the store.

  1. You’ll want to take your identification with you. Some stores check ID’s to prevent fraud.
  2. Read the warranty. Often times you’ll need to return items like furniture and electronics to the manufacturer not the store. So standing in the return line could be a waste of time.
  3. Bring the credit card you purchased the item with. Some stores will not give you money when you bought a gift with a card.
  4. Don’t delay your return. Although there will likely be long lines for returns, you don’t want to go to too long before you exchange a gift as many stores have a specific time frame for valid returns.  
  5. Bring the receipt. That’s the quickest way to make an exchange or return the item.

However many times a gift doesn’t include the receipt. The BBB said it’s okay to ask the person who gave you the gift for a receipt because they want you to be happy with what they got you.

“If you received a gift from your loved one, I’m pretty sure they won’t have any issue letting you know where they bought it. Or if they can exchange it for you that would be the best,” said Karla Garcia, a spokeswoman with El Paso’s Better Business Bureau.

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