Dress rental business says operating cost would be more than sales if they reopen Friday


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Retail stores across El Paso will be able to open at 25 percent capacity on Friday. However, not all businesses will choose to re-open.

One owner says that is a hard choice to make, for her especially because it’s prom season. Well, it would have been.

While driving on Mesa Street in West El Paso you will notice a sign that reads “New prom collection, rent or buy.”

That sign was put up just days before Runway Glow Dress Rental had to close their doors.

The owner of Runway Glow Dress Rental says even though they can open doesn’t mean they will have customers.

“I would say we have literally gone to no sales,” said Marianna Pena the Owner of Runway Glow.

Runway Glow does both dress rentals and sales. However, since the stay at home orders went into effect only one dress has been sold.

“All other ones they have been canceled or postponed. If anything you know we’re losing money because we are refunding dresses that we had already rented so it would be more like a negative percentage unfortunately,” said Pena.

Runway Glow says they will not be opening their doors on Friday, May 1 and did not open up for curbside either.

“Even if we were to do the curbside or open or even do appointments, people are not going to come, we don’t expect people to show up. So like I said before I think it would just cost us more to stay open or to open rather than to stay closed,” said Pena.

Employees of the dress shop have been furloughed.

“We’re trying really hard to not make this break us you know because this is a family business. My mom helps out my best friends work with me so this is definitely something that we don’t want to see die,” said Pena

However, Pena says she is hopeful that weddings, quinceaneras, and events were just postponed and will be rescheduled and they can get back to business as usual.

“They have to happen eventually, you’re not going to cancel your wedding so I think they are going to happen still but maybe at a smaller scale at first,” said Pena.

Pena says she does plan to re-open but just not yet. She added, if they were to re-open on Friday bringing all the employees back they would lose money because the operating cost would be more than the sales.

For now all the dresses will remain on the racks until celebrations can happen again.

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