Burglar found bathing, eating Cheetos

cheetos woman_1524242733931.jpeg.jpg

An uninvited woman found naked in the bathtub with a plate of food in a Louisiana home.

When Freda Gray got home Tuesday, she says she found Evelyn Washington in her bathtub, naked and eating Cheetos.

“She went in my refrigerator and ate my food. She had the Cheetos poured over the food,” Gray said.

Washington reportedly broke in through a side window. Neighbors say Washington also invited herself into their homes.

“She came up over here and she just opened the door and just came on in,” one neighbor said. “I asked what’s wrong with her and she said she was looking for some guy named Greg.”

Gray called police, but not before Washington put on some clothes, which also happened to belong to the homeowner. 

Washington is charged with burglary and property damage.

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