Borderland Verizon customers frustrated after months of poor signal


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Dropped calls and slower data service is something Borderland Verizon wireless customers have been struggling with for months.

When customers call Verizon customer service they first receive an automated message.

We apologize that there is an interference in your area that is caused by a wireless carrier in Mexico that may be impacting your service, our teams are working hard to resolve this issue,” the Automated Verizon customer service message broadcasts.

Verizon tells KTSM 9 News there is no timeline for a resolution, but say they are working on it.

“In the meantime, we recommend Wi-Fi calling to improve in-home service,” Verizon Customer Service said.

This has loyal Borderland customers frustrated. Some are even leaving Verizon for other wireless carriers.

“I was with Verizon for like 11 years and like my whole thing was like okay, I wouldn’t mind paying as much money as I was as long as I had service and they kind of like just kept taking my money and weren’t providing that service anymore,” said Denzel Oliver, a former El Paso Verizon Customer.

Verizon said they understand the frustration of El Paso customers. Although, they say it is a difficult situation because the problem is caused by a carrier in another country.

“Talks continue with the highest levels of the United States government, and our network team is making regular adjustments to the network to help mitigate the issue in the interim,” said Kate Jay, a Spokesperson for Verizon Wireless.

Although, some Verizon customers feel that Verizon hasn’t been doing enough.

“Verizon has known this has been going on for months now and they haven’t done anything about it,” said Anthony Rinaldi, an El Paso Verizon Customer.

While others said Verizon needs to be more transparent with its Borderland customers.

“They’re not even telling anyone or there not even trying to reach out and letting us know so were just struggling to try to talk to people,” said Kylee Fink, an El Paso Verizon Customer.

Verizon said the best thing for Borderland customers to do is call their customer service number which is 800-922-0204.

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