EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Born in Atlas, Okla. but raised in Las Cruces, N.M. Anthony Torres is a former addict, sharing his struggles with sobriety in a new book.

At 14-years-old, Torres began drinking heavily. Once he turned 17, he began consuming drugs. Not knowing that one day he will become an author to his book called Letters To My People.

On Aug. 2009, separated from his family, Torres had just gotten out of rehab in El Paso and headed to Okla. where he attended a church called Healing Waters.

“It was a spiritual experience and not everything went away overnight. I mean, it took me just going to church, reading my bible and praying, that I started seeing some change,” said Torres.

Torres says if it wasn’t for his church, he wouldn’t have made changes for himself and his family.

“I thought that if I had a family, that it would help me but in reality I just dragged my family into my mess and I remember asking Sasha, “Why did you stay with me for so long?” she said, “I thought that I was enough for you. I thought our kids would be enough for you, and I realized I couldn’t save you.”

While Torres pushed through his addiction, he began writing his life from his darkest past to becoming a pastor with his wife at Mountain View Church. Eventually unfolding to a book others can relate.

Although it took him 10 years to write Letters To My People, Torres says the book has made it around the country and prisons in New Mexico.

“From what I am hearing from a lot of people, it’s that it is helping them. They are not alone. They are resinating with a lot of the stuff I am saying,” said Torres.

You can find Letters To My People on Amazon and in Las Cruces Barnes and Noble now.

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