EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The Emergence Health Network is encouraging the Borderland to learn more about stress during Stress Awareness Month in April.

Stress is a natural occurrence and happens daily to everyone but learning how to manage stress is the key factor to leading a healthier life.

Lupita Pena, EHN therapist, says too much stress can be harmful and can lead to “negative health conditions” such as, high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, depression and heart disease. Having to many “stressors”’ can lead to professional burnout, bad moods and family issues.

Pena adds that learning to recognize the signals that your body sends you when you are stressed is important, because you can learn how to cope better and manage the stress.

There are some ways to help you relieve stress such as, doing more physical activity, learning breathing techniques, eating healthier and having a good sleep cycle.

One of the breathing techniques Pena recommends is the 4,7,8: Breathe in for four seconds, hold in for seven and release for eight. This method can reduce stress and help you make more logical decisions, according to the therapist.

Pena adds that everyone reacts to stress differently but learning how to manage your own stress can ease the tension if other people are around.