A Borderland dog has made her way back home from Virginia with the help of dozens of volunteers.

Carla Baker with Cherished K-9 in Las Cruces says Gracie and her mom were rescued from a dog hoarding house in Chaparral back in 2013.

Baker says both dogs were adopted by the same family, but years later, Gracie’s mom turned up at a shelter in El Paso without Gracie.

“That’s when we knew we didn’t know where Gracie was,” says Baker.
A year later, Gracie was put back on the map with the help of her microchip. Baker says she got a call from a shelter in Chesterfield, Virginia, almost 2,000 miles away from home.

Dozens of volunteers took turns driving Gracie from Virginia to New Mexico. “Each person took segments, it could have been half an hour, and hour and a half segments,” says Baker.

Traveling with a different family over the course of a three day trip, Gracie made friends along the way from Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, and New Mexico.

“When she stayed in Tennessee, they sent us pictures. The kids were fighting over whose bed she was going to sleep in,” says Baker.  “She’s gotten along with everyone on the trip.”

Gracie will be up for adoption at Cherished K-9 in Las Cruces. The shelter says they have about 200 dogs like Gracie who are also waiting to find their forever homes.