EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Canutillo and San Elizario school districts are among over a hundred other Texas school districts that filed a lawsuit against Texas Agency Education’s new grading system.

Smaller districts in Texas fear the new grading system would drop their overall district grade which could eventually hurt their enrollment numbers and impact them financially in the long run.

Canutillo ISD spokesperson Gustavo Reveles said based on their estimates their current grade A would drop down to a B with the new grading system proposed by TEA.

“School districts with low ratings can have their certification impacted, can have the state take them over. We are fortunate that we’re not in that position, but we don’t want to get there. We don’t even want to head in that direction,” Reveles said.

The implementation of this new assessment grading system has currently been temporarily halted by a Texas judge.

Reveles said the districts are not against the grading systems but want to a timely notice about the change so they can adjust their program.

“Give us new standards. Let us know what the standards are. Give it to us in time so that we can adjust our instruction, so we can adjust our approach to do teaching and learning,” he said .

Some school districts across Texas believe this grading system goes hand in hand with Gov. Greg Abbott’s voucher program.

The new grading system would drop grades for many school districts across the state that would then appear less desirable for parents.

The voucher program would allow taxpayer dollars to be used for funding private school tuitions for those students whose parents decide to enroll them.

The program has passed in the Texas Senate and is on its way to the House.

“Whether it’s vouchers, whether it’s a through an A to F accountability system. We know that if given a fair chance and given a fair standing, that we can compete with any school in the state, any school in the county. We just want to make sure that it’s fair,” Reveles said.