El Paso City Council members are holding a special meeting Monday morning to discuss and take action on El Paso Electric’s rate increase proposal.

EPE announced back in February that it wants to increase rates by 8.7%, which translates into an additional $8.25 a month for the average customer, or about a $100 a year.

For solar users, rates would go up by 22% which is an extra $14 a month.

As NewsChannel 9 previously reported in May, El Paso County Commissioners voted to hire an attorney to help them push back against the utility’s proposed rate increase.

At today’s special meeting, the City of El Paso, along with Socorro, Vinton, San Elizario, and other incorporated municipalities will go on the record to deny EPE’s request.

The move will send the case to state regulators, and it will be ultimately up to those regulators to accept or deny the utility’s proposal.

A hearing is scheduled to happen in Austin in late August.

The special city council meeting starts at 9:15 am.