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Asian Americans report more racist confrontations due to COVID-19 blame 

More Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders are reporting racial confrontations as they are being blamed for the spread of COVID-19. Erin Chew says she got into verbal dispute with unidentified man in the parking lot of a Costco in San Marcos, California on April 5. Read Salvador Rivera’s report.

El Paso extends COVID-19 emergency declaration through May 17 

The El Paso City Council voted unanimously on Monday to extend by 30 days its emergency declaration dealing with the health, safety and financial fallout of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The ordinance, which was set to expire on April 17, would now stay in place through May 17 and it allows municipal authorities to continue implementing measures to deal with the crisis, including the stay-at-home-work-safe order. Read Julian Resendiz’s story.

Ineligible for stimulus checks, migrant taxpayers will be ‘hit hard’ in South Texas 

Stimulus checks from the federal government to help families during this pandemic could be arriving in mailboxes this week, however the millions of tax-paying migrants in the United States who do not have a Social Security number won’t be receiving relief funds. Read Sandra Sanchez’s report.

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