EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Migrants have been seen running through neighborhoods in South El Paso as they try to avoid being confronted by El Paso Border Patrol.

Residents of South El Paso neighborhoods have seen migrants cross the Border Highway, braving oncoming traffic, and run into their neighborhoods. They say migrants tend to cross at night because it is easier for them not to be seen under cover of dark. This has left residents of South El Paso neighborhoods worried about the impact migrants are having on where they live.

At Cedar Grove Pond Park near Riverside Middle School and St. Paul Catholic Church, migrants have left muddy clothes and shoes, backpacks, and other personal items after crossing the Border Highway. One resident, who walks the park trail regularly, mentioned that after they finish crossing and hop the fence to enter into the park, they get rid their belongings they’ve crossed with and leave them at the park.

One local resident said her daughter used FaceTime to call her and show her when the migrants had entered into her neighborhood. “There’s all these guys running down the street, 24 hours a day. She feels unsafe to leave her house… Enough already,” she said.

Due to the mass surge in migrant crossings, “Watch Out For Pedestrians” signs can now be seen along the Border Highway.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics, El Paso has seen more than 2,300 people daily attempting to cross the border, making it the busiest location in the U.S.