Oklahoma teens with BB guns attack immigrant man, his 3 children

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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Police say an Oklahoma City man was reluctant to report that he and his young children were attacked by three BB-gun-toting teens because he was in the country illegally.

Zita Quintero says she arrived home Monday afternoon to find the teens running from behind her house. Quintero said she found the man, his two sons and his daughter in her backyard. The father told her the teens had fired their guns at them.

The man said he’d been struck in the shoulder, his daughter in the leg and his son in the arm.

Quintero said the man, a Honduran immigrant, didn’t want the matter reported because he feared deportation, so she took them home. She reported the matter anyway and turned the surveillance video of the attack over to police.

CNN affiliate KFOR spoke with Quintero. She told reporter Cassandra Sweetman she was terrified and offered one of the boys to the hospital because he was bleeding.

“I feel for that family right now, I really do, and I wish we could help these people out because they need help, they need our help,” Quintero said. “You can be legal or illegal, it doesn’t matter. You cannot be victims of these crimes.”

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