Juarez steps up patrols near bridge after near-riot

Border Report

JUAREZ, Mexico — Juarez police have stepped up their patrols near the international bridges due to Monday’s near-riot at the Paso del Norte Bridge.

The bridge is federal property, so the city police officers are increasing the frequency of their patrols on the streets leading to the bridge, said Arturo Sandoval, spokesman for the Municipal Police.

The bridge itself is guarded by federal officers and soldiers; however, it’s unclear if they tried to intervene Monday around 2 a.m. when some 200 Cubans and Salvadorans tried to walk over en masse to the U.S. side but were stopped by Customs and Border Protection officers.

The migrants were upset because of the long waits they face to be called to asylum hearings in El Paso. Sandoval said the city police officers would be involved in “preventive” patrols.

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