Juarez artist celebrated for colorful KISS mural

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JUAREZ, Mex. (KTSM) — Along a South Juarez street, you’ll find a mural of the iconic rock band KISS. The artist, an out-of-work maquiladora worker, is now being praised by the band themselves.

Urban artist Miguel ‘Mick’ Martinez is a maquiladora worker by day, and during his free time, he loves to spray paint murals. Martinez’s maquiladora shut down due to the COVID-19 virus, allowing him to pursue his passion.

According to Martinez, his father is a big KISS fan, so he decided to paint it in honor of him. The mural, which is located on De La Raza Avenue in South Juarez, was an instant hit. He never knew how famous his new work would become in just a matter of days when KISS posted photos of the mural on their social media accounts, “#KISSisEverywhere! #KISS mural in Juárez, Mexico.”

The post has bee shared 1.9k times on Facebook and retweeted 2.2k times.

Martinez says he began illegally spray painting buildings when he was younger, but moved into urban art in his adult years.

His latest work is a colorful pop-art wall of celebrities including Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, and Bruce Lee. It’s located on the same block as the KISS mural.

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