Government sends migrant children back to Clint facility despite reports of poor conditions

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CLINT, Texas (KTSM) After reports and public outcry over claims of major hygienic and health issues, more than 100 children have returned to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility in Clint, Texas.

CBP officials have still not announced why the move occurred.

Reports claiming there’s a lack of beds and soap for young migrants many under 12 years old.

Organizations like the Hope Border Institute demand change, “We’ve seen conditions in Clint where children are taking care of children. Conditions where folks are not being given the ability to sleep at night without the lights on where people are not being given food or water,” Executive Director of Hope Border Institute, Dylan Corbett said.

A CBP official said allegations of civil rights abuses are “taken seriously” and acknowledges there is overcrowding. Later, the official disputed accounts of inadequate food saying “I don’t but it” and “I personally don’t believe the allegations.”

As Congress sends emergency funding to the border, advocates want the problem approached differently.

“As long as the only strategy to the U.S. government to what is a humanitarian crisis is trying to deter migrants. We’re gonna see more cases like this. We’re gonna see children in more conditions that are unacceptable. We’re gonna see more migrants losing their lives at the border,” Corbett said.

The Hope Border Institute and others including El Paso’s Catholic Bishop have sent a letter to federal officials asking for more long term solutions such as a permanent processing center in the El Paso area.

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