El Paso, TX (KTSM) – Monday, groups of women from both sides of the border made it known that they are demanding justice for violence against women, taking time off of work and school to show the impact they have on the local community and local economy.

Border Network for Human Rights, La Mujer Obrera, and Familias Unidas Del Chamizal organized the local strike to not only stand for women’s rights in the U.S. but to stand with the women in Ciudad Juarez and Latin America who go missing or are found murdered every day.

“Women are standing up because they are demanding that they are visible, that they deserve to be recognized with dignity and respect to live in peace because those are the things that we don’t have right now and we have to create that together,” said local organizer Cemelli de Aztlan.

The absence of women at work in Juarez forced many businesses to close as demonstrators marched through the city demanding justice.

“I think it is very important to not only do it once a year but every day. It is very impressive and I was shocked to see that the store was closed at this time but we should continue this movement for our families,” the Juarez shopper told KTSM.

Many in El Paso believe women in the United States are facing similar problems.

“Women are assaulted and we have to speak up because we see the same thing happening here in our legal system and just because its covert doesn’t mean it’s not happening,” said Rosemary Rojas.

El Paso teacher Xavier Miranda came out to support the movement, saying people need to be aware that women’s rights are under attack.

“It’s attacking women’s rights, their reproductive rights where they’re closing medical centers where they service women where women here of our community are fighting for children’s quality of education and the environment for equity in the workplace,” Miranda said.

Many of the women KTSM spoke with Monday explained they are going to continue to fight for equal rights and justice no matter how long the journey is until they get it.